In-depth Specialized Course Offerings 

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Breaking Soul Contracts and Cord Cutting

3 Hour Live Course! Saturday October 15th at 2pm PST/5pm EST/9pm UTC

Are you in a relationship that is confusing yet magnetic and you wish to understand what is happening on a soul level? This course is a must!

Soul contracts are purposeful agreements made between two souls who are destined to have a relationship in this lifetime. These contractual relationships can either lift us up or be harmful and cause us to struggle. In this course, Beau will dive deep into how a soul contract is created, the spiritual connections it creates, and how to best heal it, balance it, or end it. The key to this process is gaining awareness on a spiritual and soul level in order to make the best decisions for your spiritual path and your relationships.

Topics covered in this course:

  • Understanding the energy and design of soul contracts
  • How energetic cords attach, behave, and connect
  • The spiritual tools to release unhealthy bonds
  • Law of Attraction as it pertains to healthy and loving relationships

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The 1111 Course with Beau Maxwell

When we see repeating numbers it is a special moment, a moment of witnessing movement in the "Code". Learn what the Code is, how to access it, and how to work with it to enhance your abundance and connection. Bliss, laughter, surprise, growth, empowerment, and making a difference in this world are all not only possible but are easy and enhanced through the Code.

Join Beau as she shows you step-by-step how to understand, access, and work with the magical structure of this reality called the Code.

"When I saw the title for this course I laughed out loud. I have been seeing repeating numbers for several years now with 1111 being the most common. The timing was perfect and I learned so much that will assist me in my journey. Thanks, Beau! No one does it like you!" - Michele Straughan

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Crossing Over

In this course Beau explains the structure of the inbetween, the Three Bodies and the Review Process. She also addresses how one can navigate the levels of the inbetween, reasons why people get stuck in transition, getting spiritual assistance, and how to help spirits cross over and return home.

"I keep being blown away by how everything you teach and share is something that I’ve been needing to know and hear, and be confirmed for such a long time now! And how amazingly easy it is to learn from you! Your beautiful down to earth and straight forward way of being (so refreshing!) 😊 and the incredible ability to break things down into digestible pieces make you an incredible teacher! Not everyone is born to teach, and you most certainly are! Thank you for you and your work!" - Victoria

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Card Reading

In this course, Beau will cover the 101 basics of card readings, blocks card readers don’t even know they have, setting up your spiritual guide connections during card readings, using the three bodies together to access messages from the cards, small shifts in your positioning that will open up more information coming through, and how to read any deck (including a standard playing deck of 52 cards). 

"I loved it! I have some knowledge of card reading. I feel that with the card reading course it will make me a better reader. I love Beau's delivery of the information. She is relaxed, fun and informative. Looking forward to taking more courses with her." Terry Shpak

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Empathic Empowerment

Empaths come into the world with heightened senses. As a result, an empath will unwittingly take on the underlying emotions of other people around them. This process can be draining and may cause struggles in life. It creates limitations for the empath and weighs heavily on them. But underneath these struggles lies one of the most powerful and beautiful abilities, empathic intuition.

Join Beau as she provides the formula and tools to fine tune your empathic energy, stop the burden of collecting emotions, and begin to use your empathic intuitive abilities to expand your own path and the spiritual path of others.

Every video in this course had ah-ha moments for me! I feel understood, validated, supported, and so much better equipped to manage my energy in any situation throughout my day. I can't believe the value I just got from this purchase!! For the cost of a cute shirt, my life has been totally upgraded. Thank you so much!! - Deanne

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Remote Viewing

In this course Beau covers different forms of remote viewing such as long distance readings and healings, astral travel, and mapwork and location setting. You will also learn tools for remote viewing like gridwork and the agreed upon reality, creating and programming space, and Earth connections and anchors. Plus there are three remote viewing practice experiments.

"Love! Love! Love! What a great course! I learned so much! I love how it was so light and not as serious as some other courses I've taken. Beau makes everything fun, funny and light! I'm taking the card reading course next! It was great!" - Paula

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Cracking the Money Code

Manifesting money can be difficult when it comes to creating abundance. This is because there are multiple layers at play, some of which are hidden. When you dissect and understand these layers, and then align them for yourself, you crack the money code and bring financial abundance into your life. Join Beau as she shows you step-by-step how to identify, align and balance these layers to increase your wealth energetically. 

"I participated in the live course and just completed it again as I like to listen and learn while doing my morning walks. More money than usual has been trickling in since this all started - a raise, higher sales numbers which equals more commission, a very large order from a client of my side business. 😊" - Diann

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Animal Communication with Doreen and Beau

Our lives are deeply impacted when we share it with our animal companions.  They bring us tremendous joy and love us unconditionally.  Connecting with our pets can help bring about a better understanding of each other.  If you are curious about animal communication, have an interest in becoming an animal communicator, and are curious what pets have to say, this course may give you the answers to your questions.

"I loved Doreen and some of my pets popped up on the couch to watch her on my laptop too.  As a vet nurse for 30 years, animals have been a major role in my life. I look forward to 'listening' to the patients in clinic closer now.  I use GCP on some patients that are anxious and have had great results. Thankyou for sharing some of your experiences and techniques. - Rose Boyce

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Manifesting Lifestyle

In this course you will become incredible at manifesting what you want. You can focus on hating your existence or you can focus on creating your existence. I choose creation! The Manifesting Lifestyle course will provide you with the tools and knowledge to make positive manifestation not only possible, but also a way of life.

"This is the best course I’ve taken on manifestation. It is explained in such a way that anybody would fully understand the principles and will be able to implement with ease. Thank you very much for this great course." - Beata Kozierowska

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Discovery Meditation

Learn to distinguish between imagination and intuition. A hybrid of guided and passive meditation, Discovery Meditation is a practice specifically designed to help you differentiate between imagination and intuition. You don't have to be skilled at meditation or have deep access to your intuition to benefit from it. No matter what level of intuitive awareness you are at, this program walks you through the process with ease. This comes free inside the SAGE Circle.

You don’t have to be skilled at meditation or have deep access to your intuition to benefit from Discovery Meditation. No matter what level of intuitive awareness you are at, this program walks you through the process with ease. No other tools required. Just you, the audio and your natural intuition.

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The 21 Day Spiritual Cleanse

There are times in your life where you know you are out of alignment. You slip off your spiritual path—sometimes quickly and dramatically, and sometimes little by little—until you wake up one morning and realize you've lost your connection to your deepest self and your highest good. The 21-Day Spiritual Cleanse is a step-by-step path to realignment in less than 5 minutes per day!

"This cleanse was powerful in its simplicity and incremental steps that did not overwhelm expectations of me to do this for 21 days. Each segment gave small but special purpose to my commitment. By the end I feel accomplished in a healthier connection of my body/mind/spirit. Thank you Beau for your down-home approach." - Shayna

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Traversing Your Past Lives 

Join Beau as she explains the non-linear and fluid existence of past lives, giving you the knowledge you need to traverse your own past lives and gain a better understanding of your higher self. During this course you will learn how past lives are connected to each other, why past lives are not linear, how to access your other lives through your personal portal, and what you can do to improve this lifetime and other lifetimes as well.

"I loved this course. I didn't know if anything would show up for me, since lately I have been feeling rather blocked and vague intuitively. But it happened and it was so meaningful. The messages I received and the other parts of my higher self I met were so helpful. The whole concept is mind blowing and at the same time feels perfectly right. Thank you, Beau, it was lovely." - Terry

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Dream Dancing

This course will take you beyond dream interpretation and into dream participation. Join Beau for this three hour course where she will show you how to bring form and flow back into remembering your dreams, how to use dreams as a tool on your spiritual path, and how to create your own, personal dream dictionary.

"The information Beau provided in the Dream class was illuminating. I have already experienced some success in my dream work. The first night I used techniques we learned in class I was able to remember my dream with a lot of detail. I hope to continue this work with a journal and get more clarity with the things that feel heavy in my life. The class also confirmed some dream experiences I had years ago with a loved one who passed which was very comforting. Thanks Beau for making your presentation fun and encouraging." - Lucinda

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Deepening Your Ceremonies

Ceremonies are the dance that connects the human, the spirit, and source. When we understand how they connect, honor our personal process with them, and deepen the flow, they expand with amazing and beautiful energy.

Join Beau as she covers topics including set up, flow, timing, and symbolism. She will also discuss utilizing the past, present, and future in your ceremony along with a deeper connection through the nervous system that will open your ceremony door even wider.

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