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Meet Your Host, Isabeau Maxwell
Psychic Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Best Selling Author, and lover of coffee

My intuitive journey began in 2005 when my grandmother appeared to me in spirit form, just minutes after her death. Before that pivotal moment I was a complete skeptic.

I then met my spirit guide, Big Dog, who taught me how to harness my intuition. He gave me the tools, education, and confidence I needed to step into the world as a Spiritual Intuitive and help others live more intuitively.

I built this online community to help you hone your intuition, give you a safe space to share your spiritual experiences, and be loved as you find your inner empowerment.

Join me on this journey. This is your time.

Love to you,

Sarah Matyas, SAGE Circle Member

“I have been a SAGE Circle member since May 20, 2020. It has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. For anyone out there wondering if this is for you, I say try it for a month and I promise 99% of you will fall in love with all that SAGE Circle has to offer and just the overall vibe of it. You truly are a part of a big spiritual family when you're a part of a group like SAGE Circle!"


Diann Stover, SAGE Circle Member

"I seriously don't even know where to start! I wanted to learn more and start my spiritual journey and Beau and The SAGE Method came up on my Facebook feed. I was reluctant but decided to listen to that voice that said do it, I'm glad I did. Beau's courses and Sacred Spaces have taken me places I've never been before and it gets better and better! So much better that I've been guided to become a Sage Practitioner. Super excited about my journey with Beau and my SAGE teacher Doreen. Both amazing women! I love being part of this community of wonderful, joyous people who are always there for you to lift you up!"

Align ~ Uplift ~ Empower ~ Create

When you raise your vibration on a regular basis, something magical happens. Your spiritual path lines up in front of you, your intuition becomes very strong, and life starts to fall into place for your highest good. The SAGE Circle was built to help you do just that!

You are moments away from the training, connection, and support you need. Starting with the very popular spiritual tool GCP (Ground, Clear, Protect)®, the Circle is filled with easy and powerful tools to help you live the life you have always wanted.

Gretchen Victoria, SAGE Circle Member

"I can't express, enough, how immensely grateful I am to be in the SAGE Circle. After 60 years of rarely being able to find anyone who would "listen" to my intuitive experiences, it is a huge relief to unleash and share here among kindred spirits. I appreciate each and every one of you! Namaste"

Michelle Morgan, SAGE Circle Member

“Beau is the best spiritual mentor I have ever worked with – and I have worked with many spiritual teachers over the years. She is incredibly centered, grounded and authentic in her spiritual teachings and day to day support (and she also has a killer sense of humor). The SAGE Circle works perfectly for me. The teaching modules are permanently available giving me the opportunity to listen to them when it suits my busy life. Every module is full of mind and soul-opening content. ‘Sacred Space’ is one of the highlights of my week. I call it my soul medicine. In one hour, it clears out my ‘junk’, lifts my spirit and gives me direction. And if for some reason I can’t make it personally – I’m included anyway. I have no doubt that Beau has an open channel to spirit – I have asked questions to spirit directly and received replies through her that she is still unaware of. Creating room in my life for Beau and her knowledge is the best thing I have ever done in my spiritual journey.”

What is included in your SAGE Circle membership:

💙 Live Sacred Space Meditation Sessions to Raise Your Vibration

💙 Private Social Club to Stay Motivated, Share Experiences and Ask Questions

💙 Weekly Group Card Readings for Guidance

💙 A Huge Library of Intuitive and Spiritual Teaching Videos

💙 Monthly Live Q&A Sessions With Beau

💙 2 Free Bonus Courses ~ Discovery Meditation and The 21 Day Spiritual Cleanse

💙 Private (optional) Facebook Group for SAGE Circle Members Only

We Are Based in Love

The SAGE Circle is held to a high standard of support and love. All group events are optional. Each individual is safe in sharing their story, their struggles, and their successes. Judgement or hate of any sort is absolutely not allowed.

The SAGE Method does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, or disability. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming community for all members, students, guests and staff.

We Respect All Paths 

No two paths are alike. Each of us are climbing the mountain of life and your best experience is found climbing the path that speaks to your soul. In the SAGE Circle you will find a community of supportive climbers cheering for you on your path.

We Strive for Improvement

The SAGE Circle is based on the foundational teachings of The SAGE Method itself which stands for Spirituality, Alignment, Growth and Empowerment.

We Encourage Uniqueness

We are all about balancing the human and spiritual worlds. It is in that balance you are able to access all the good stuff. Plus, you are beautiful just the way you are!

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