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I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Beau Maxwell and I wasn't always open intuitively.

For the first part of my life, I was logical, scientific minded, skeptical and absorbed in the material world. Then my grandmother passed away and within an hour of her death, she was standing in my living room. Today, I’m a medium.

The road was bumpy at first. I didn’t understand what was happening to me and I didn’t have a community of people to turn to—a community who would help answer my questions, understand and validate my experiences. Alone I felt like I was crazy. Once I found community, I knew I wasn’t. That’s why I created The SAGE Community.

Whether you’re a psychic, Reiki worker, psychotherapist, healer, massage therapist or ritualist; whether you’re just beginning your journey or an experienced practitioner—it’s crucial to have people who understand and support you on your spiritual path, so you can flourish and express your gifts to their fullest capacity.

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Here’s how joining our group will change your life:

Shake loose your blockages: Intuition is all about being blocked—you don’t gain intuition, you uncover it. When applied, spiritual practices shake loose your blockages and break the old habits that are holding you back. The only thing between you and being an incredible intuitive is your blocks, and every time you remove one you become a little lighter, happier and that much closer to living in the flow.

Create your perfect life: Uncovering your intuition allows you to be in flow. In flow you are powerful at manifesting and at creating your own story. It's not only about being able to expression intuition, it’s also about waking up in the morning and knowing everything you put your intent into you manifest. Possibilities are endless.

Become empowered: This group will help build your self-esteem and confidence. If you're around the naysayers and the doubters, you’re going to doubt yourself. If you’re around the people that are vibrating high, they will lift you up.

Improve your relationships: Learn to understand the spiritual and human experience at the depths that we do, and it will improve your relationships. Clear communication, energetic sharing and a deeper expression of love are all possible.

Gain life direction: In this group, you get support from elders—people who have been in your shoes and can help you navigate this world. When I came out, I had nobody. I know what it’s like and that’s why I created this community. A community can help ease your path no matter how far along you are on it. Clarity and spiritual growth are the objectives.

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Here's what our community is saying:

“I can’t think of anything that has opened me up spiritually more than this. Not only does it help me to think “outside” the box but it has also answered so many questions in regards to past and present experiences. I fully recommend this to anyone that is even remotely curious about their own spirituality or interested in developing their own psychic abilities.” Lorna Lee

"I thoroughly enjoyed communing with people of like mind which made me feel comfortable to hone my intuitive skills. It made me realize I'm not crazy, I'm not alone and I've got a lot of work to do on myself.” Barb Malm

“I enrolled to learn about and develop my intuitive skills. Beau quickly made me feel comfortable with her gentle, calm, caring, and relaxed manner. Each week brought about a new experience and/or personal revelation. This has opened up so many possibilities for me on my spiritual journey.” Doreen DiAntonio

"This taught me to TRUST what I receive, SHARE responsibly, and RELEASE any attachment to outcomes. Very freeing." Charlie Richard

This community is about support. That is why it’s a completely free group and always will be. We are an ethical group of beautiful souls—spiritual scam artists will not be tolerated.

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About us:

SAGE stands for SELF-EMPOWERMENT, ACCURACY, GROWTH, and ETHICS. All important pieces to walking a spiritual path.

We come together in a safe, fun and educational environment with new content being added every week. Spiritual community is important, thus membership, the library and the private Facebook page are free.

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