SAGE Method Students Experience:

✨ The ability to access their intuition with ease
✨ Communication with their spirit guides and loved ones on the Otherside
✨ More control of their energetic space and empathic experiences
✨ Both psychic and mediumship connection
✨ Easier access to their innate ability to manifest
✨ Understanding of how their own unique intuitive channel works for them start your training today!


Meet the founder, Isabeau "Beau" Maxwell

Isabeau “Beau” Maxwell is one of the leading spiritual coaches in intuitive development today. Isabeau brings deep channeled knowledge, a down-to-earth vibe,  and personal understanding to the field of spirituality. She has helped people connect to their authentic, natural intuitive abilities for over 15 years.

Isabeau is the founder of the award winning intuitive development course, The SAGE Method, the author of the best-selling book Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant Medium, and the creator of the popular online community, The SAGE Circle.

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FREE COURSE ~ The Top Five Intuitive Tools

This free course starts with the very popular technique called GCP

This stand-alone course is packed full of tools you can use immediately. It also gives you a taste of Isabeau's teaching style and delivery. Jump on in and enjoy!

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The SAGE Method Course

Experience Your Intuition Stronger Than You Ever Have Before

SAGE stands for Spirituality, Alignment, Growth, and Empowerment. Live your best life, experience your true abilities, and step into alignment and bliss! The SAGE Method is the most down-to-earth, comprehensive program out there when it comes to intuitive development.

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The SAGE Circle Membership

You are moments away from the training, connection, and support you need

When you raise your vibration on a regular basis, something magical happens. Your spiritual path lines up in front of you, your intuition becomes very strong, and life starts to fall into place for your highest good. The SAGE Circle was built to help you do just that!

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Join our newsletter and get a free intuitive development course!