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The SAGE Method Course

Experience Your Intuition Stronger Than You Ever Have Before

SAGE stands for Spirituality, Alignment, Growth, and Empowerment. Live your best life, experience your true abilities, and step into alignment and bliss! The SAGE Method is the most down-to-earth, comprehensive program out there when it comes to intuitive development.

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The SAGE Circle

You are moments away from the training, connection, and support you need

When you raise your vibration on a regular basis, something magical happens. Your spiritual path lines up in front of you, your intuition becomes very strong, and life starts to fall into place for your highest good. The SAGE Circle was built to help you do just that!

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The Top Five Intuitive Tools ~ Free Course

This free course starts with the very popular technique called GCP

This stand-alone course is packed full of tools you can use immediately. It also gives you a taste of Isabeau's teaching style and delivery. Jump on in and enjoy!


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Crossing Over Community

A group focused on the spiritual transition of death and helping spirits cross over

The Crossing Over Community is an amazing group unlike anything we've seen before. It is a safe place for all to discuss and explore spiritual activity, spiritual clearings, connecting with our loved ones on the otherside, and crossing over work. In this incredible community you will find unconditional love, support, and education.

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Card Reading

Become a fantastic card reader today

In this course, Beau will cover the 101 basics of card readings, blocks card readers don’t even know they have, setting up your spiritual guide connections during card readings, using the three bodies together to access messages from the cards, small shifts in your positioning that will open up more information coming through, and how to read any deck (including a standard playing deck of 52 cards). 

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Empathic Empowerment

Discover the keys to becoming a happy and balanced empath

Empaths come into the world with heightened senses. As a result, an empath will unwittingly take on the underlying emotions of other people around them. This process can be draining and may cause struggles in life. But underneath these struggles lies one of the most powerful and beautiful abilities, empathic intuition. Join Beau as she provides the formula and tools to fine tune your empathic energy, stop the burden of collecting emotions, and begin to use your empathic intuitive abilities to expand your own path and the spiritual path of others.

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The Manifesting Lifestyle

Become incredible at manifesting what you want

You can focus on hating your existence or you can focus on creating your existence. I choose creation! The Manifesting Lifestyle course will provide you with the tools and knowledge to make positive manifestation not only possible, but also a way of life.

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Discovery Meditation

Learn to distinguish between imagination and intuition

A hybrid of guided and passive meditation, Discovery Meditation is a practice specifically designed to help you differentiate between imagination and intuition. You don't have to be skilled at meditation or have deep access to your intuition to benefit from it. No matter what level of intuitive awareness you are at, this program walks you through the process with ease. Free inside the SAGE Circle.

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The 21 Day Spiritual Cleanse

Start the 21 Day Cleanse today to find that alignment you need

There are times in your life where you know you are out of alignment. You slip off your spiritual path—sometimes quickly and dramatically, and sometimes little by little—until you wake up one morning and realize you've lost your connection to your deepest self and your highest good. The 21-Day Spiritual Cleanse is a step-by-step path to realignment in less than 5 minutes per day!

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Cracking the Money Code

Increase wealth by learning the tricks to overcoming abundance blocks

Manifesting money can be difficult when it comes to creating abundance. This is because there are multiple layers at play, some of which are hidden. When you dissect and understand these layers, and then align them for yourself, you crack the money code and bring financial abundance into your life. Join Beau as she shows you step-by-step how to identify, align and balance these layers to increase your wealth energetically. 

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Dream Dancing

Harness the beautiful light of your dream state

This course is only available to SAGE Circle Members and is found in your dashboard under Exclusive Courses. This course will take you beyond dream interpretation and into dream participation. Join Beau for this three hour course where she will show you how to bring form and flow back into remembering your dreams, how to use dreams as a tool on your spiritual path, and how to create your own, personal dream dictionary.

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Traversing Your Past Lives

Access your other lives through a fun technique

This course is only available to SAGE Circle Members and is found in your dashboard under Exclusive Courses. Join Beau as she explains the non-linear and fluid existence of past lives, giving you the knowledge you need to traverse your own past lives and gain a better understanding of your higher self. During this course you will learn how past lives are connected to each other, why past lives are not linear, how to access your other lives through your personal portal, and what you can do to improve this lifetime and other lifetimes as well.

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