Learn the practical tools and techniques to uncover and hone your psychic abilities


Students of the SAGE Method experience:

✨ The ability to access their intuition with ease

✨ Communication with their spirit guides and loved ones on the Otherside

✨ More control of their energetic space and empathic experiences

✨ Both psychic and mediumship connections

✨ Easier access to their innate ability to manifest

✨ Understanding of how their own unique intuitive channel works for them

Everyone's intuition is strong. It is not something reserved for just a special few. Your intuition is simply waiting to be unleashed and the SAGE Method contains the proven tools and knowledge to help you do just that!


The SAGE Method is a COVR Visionary Awards Gold Winner and global phenomenon. It is a life-changing 7 week psychic development course that will amp up your intuition.

If you are ready to strengthen your intuitive abilities then you've landed in the right place.

Become a Certified SAGE Method graduate today!

Join Isabeau Maxwell, an internationally recognized psychic medium and beloved spiritual teacher, as she walks you through the steps to finally increase your psychic and mediumship abilities!

Lorna Lee, SAGE Method Graduate 2009

“I can’t think of anything that has opened me up spiritually more than this class has. Not only does it help me to think “outside” the box but it has also answered so many questions in regards to past and present experiences. I fully recommend this class to anyone that is even remotely curious about their own spirituality or interested in developing their own psychic abilities. Beau is a patient, challenging and thorough instructor and I feel honored to be able to share this time with her each week and learn from her own experiences.” 


Meet the Founder ~ Isabeau Maxwell

Isabeau “Beau” Maxwell is one of the most sought after spiritual coaches in intuitive development today. Isabeau brings deep channeled knowledge and comprehensive teachings to the field of intuition. She has helped people around the world connect to their authentic, natural intuitive abilities for over 15 years.

What the SAGE Method Experience Program includes:

✨ The Award-Winning SAGE Method Course and Certification: 52 Training Videos delivered to you over seven weeks ($1,500 value) ✨ 

A seven week psychic training and intuitive development course structured to open up your intuition. You will have lifetime access to the course allowing you to watch the videos and revisit lessons on your own time as needed. Plus, you will receive your SAGE Method Companion Box in the mail. **These boxes can only be sent within the US. If you are from outside the US, we will arrange that a SAGE Method workbook and a copy of Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant Medium be sent to you via Amazon.

✨ 12 Highly Specialized Training Courses 

You will go even further with the intuitive skills you opened and developed in the SAGE Method with these additional, bonus courses! These training courses will expand your intuitive development even further. 

Card Reading Course - 3 hr course ($60 value)
Advanced Mediumship Course - 3 hr course ($60 value)

The Crossing Over Course - 3 hr course ($60 value)
The "Of Course" Course - 3 hr course ($60 value)
The Empathic Empowerment Course - 3 hr course ($60 value)
Cracking the Money Code, a Financial Manifesting Course - 3 hr course ($60 value)
Remote Viewing Course - 3 hr course ($60 value)
Breaking Soul Contracts and Cutting Cords - 3 hr course ($60 value)
Animal Communication - 3 hr course ($60 value)
The 1111 Course - 3 hr course ($60 value)
Traversing Your Past Lives - 3 hr course ($60 value)
Deepening Your Ceremonies - 3 hr course ($60 value)

Dream Dancing Course - 3 hr course ($60 value)

💝 Plus more bonus training tools!

Discovery Meditation ($29 value)

The 21 Day Spiritual Cleanse ($21 value)

The Manifesting Lifestyle Course ($29 value)

All new students get a special offer of the first 60 days free in the SAGE Circle (available at checkout)


 This is a total savings of $2,000! 

A SAGE Method Toolbox is included and will be delivered right to your door!

Open this beautiful box and open your intuition!

This box anchors you into your SAGE Method Journey, and is mailed to every new student.*

Inside you will find the official SAGE Method Course Workbook, Beau's bestselling memoir, and a special gift energetically charged by Beau!

*These boxes can only be sent within the US. If you are from outside the US, we will arrange that a SAGE Method workbook and a copy of Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant Medium be sent to you via Amazon.



✨Enrollment Options✨

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The SAGE Method Experience Program



One-Time Payment



🎓7 Week SAGE Method Intuitive Development Course

📚SAGE Companion Box - Limited Quantities Available

👩🏼‍🏫12! Specialized In-Depth Courses (listed above)

💗 3 Bonuses - Discovery Meditation, The Manifesting Lifestyle, and The 21 Day Spiritual Cleanse

💫 60 Days Free in the SAGE Circle (offer available after purchase of program)

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The SAGE Circle Community Membership


$19/month Membership

Just Looking For An Uplifting Spiritual and Intuitive Community With Live Virtual Events?

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🎴 Meet weekly for live group card readings on Zoom

🌕 New Moon and Full Moon Sacred Space Meditation and Wisdom Sessions with Beau

🙋‍♀️ Ask Beau anything in the monthly Q&A sessions

🎥 Every live event is recorded and uploaded for you

👩‍💻Watch back the replays and endless hours of lesson videos in your Circle Library

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💰Deep Discounts on specialized courses

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Destiny, SAGE Method Graduate 2020

"You have me laughing with you! I am really enjoying the course. I am happy to say in week one you have explained everything very well! I must say I went through the first week pretty fast haha, can’t wait to unlock the second week. Thank you this course is really a joy!"

Doreen DiAntonio, SAGE Method Graduate 2009

“I enrolled to learn about and develop my intuitive skills. Beau quickly made me feel comfortable with her gentle, calm, caring, and relaxed manner. Each week brought about a new experience and/or personal revelation. Taking Beau’s class has opened up so many possibilities for me on my spiritual journey. I am so blessed to have had Beau for a teacher.”

Ellen, SAGE Method Graduate 2019

"I continue to be out of my mind joyful and mindful with every morsel of your class and the work. It’s shaking my world up and opening it up in wonderful ways. Thank you Beau for the gift of you. I love your humor. Your fun spirit is infectious for sure."

Barb Malm, SAGE Method Graduate 2010

"The SAGE Method class is uniquely designed to reach all those dark inner corners of oneself and pull out all the fierce, magical power we all truly possess whether we know it or not. I thoroughly enjoyed communing with people of like mind which made me feel comfortable to hone my intuitive skills. It made me realize I'm not crazy and I'm not alone."

Terry Carretta, SAGE Method graduate 2010

“I found the SAGE method to be an amazing platform to discover not only my unique intuitive abilities but also a penetrating journey into my psyche. Beau’s wonderful down-to-earth teaching style brings clarity to some very esoteric topics. The online format enabled me to work at my own pace each week & listen to lessons repeatedly. This resulted in an even deeper understanding & richer experience of the material. I feel a purposeful “flow” to my life that wasn’t there before this class. The SAGE method is an empowering gift you give to yourself… just DO it!”

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The SAGE Method does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, or disability. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming community for all members, students, guests and staff.

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