Take the GCPĀ® Challenge!

GCPĀ® (Ground, Clear, Protect) is an intent exercise that declutters your spirit, lifts your vibration, blocks unwanted energies, releases anxiety, and resets your focus so you can manifest with ease.

Use GCPĀ® for the next 5 days and see for yourself how this simple practice can give you control of your spiritual life and increase your intuitive abilities.

šŸ’– Brought to you by Isabeau Maxwell, Internationally Recognized Spiritual Teacher and founder of The SAGE Method šŸ’–


The Tools and Results You Will Receive With This Course:

Tool #1 - (GCP)Ā® - Regain your personal power and amplify your energetic body

Tool #2 - Spirit Guide Communication - Access your best position to connect to your spiritual team

Tool #3 - Release the Agreed Upon Reality - Meditate into the spaces "in between" to access intuitive messages

Tool #4 - Overcoming Doubt and Imagination - Rewire and release doubt to step into stronger intuition

Tool #5 - Detaching to Connect - Adjust into a specific focus to receive intuitive messages easily

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