The 21 Day Spiritual Cleanse

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Reconnect to your intuitive spiritual side

Become a manifesting machine

Be the driver of your experience

Realign in less than 5 minutes per day!


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There are times in your life where you know you are out of alignment. You slip off your spiritual path — sometimes quickly and dramatically, and sometimes little by little — until you wake up one morning and realize you’ve lost your connection to your deepest self and your highest good.

When you are out of alignment…

  • You experience an internal strain or guilt.
  • Your greatest desires are blocked and you feel stagnant.
  • Time ticks by and you lose more and more of your spiritual focus.
  • You allow others in your life to distract you from your own fulfillment.

This happens to so many of us, but it is so important to step back onto your spiritual path as quickly as possible because it’s there you find the least resistance, the most abundance and the greatest joy in life! A Spiritual Cleanse will make that happen for you.

Imagine having

  • Forward momentum in your life - By aligning your body, mind and spirit you will move forward and release what is holding you back.
  • An automatic desire to do your spiritual practices - Doing short, effective integrations included in this cleanse seamlessly integrates your practices into your daily lifestyle.
  • A calmer state of mind - Returning to the present moment and creating the space to stay there allows the mind to rest.
  • An increase in ambition, joy and balance - Your dreams are right in front of you and the universe is waiting for you to be in alignment in order to receive them.
  • A connection to your source - At a higher vibrational state you are connected to source—your higher self and your guides. Your intuition is strong.

Here is how simple the 21 Day Spiritual Cleanse is:

  • Once a day, for 21 days, you will receive an email in your inbox containing an instructional video to watch.
  • The daily videos are inspirational and short. They are less than 5 minutes in length.
  • Realign and reconnect you to your spiritual path.
  • It’s that easy!

More info:

  • All practices during this cleanse will be based in intention. We will not be adding any vitamins, shakes or herbs to your daily routine—your cleanse will come from the inside out.
  • At the end of the 21 days, you will have anchored automatic practices that are integrated into your daily routine. Tools that were once a struggle to do will now be automatic.
  • An affirmation, gratitude, and success quick-check-in journal is included for those who love to journal!
  • The 21 Day Spiritual Cleanse is a simple process that allows you to reset and bring back the spiritual magic into your life.


Diann Stover

Thank you to Beau and her team for creating this wonderful cleanse. It has gotten into the process of saying my Affirmations and Gratitude prayers each morning. These prayers have done wonders for my soul. This whole cleanse has done wonders. I feel like a new person and I feel my spirit is much happier. I am constantly around negative people for 10 hours a day at work this has helped me with that as I pulled the positivity up whenever these people were negative and I listened but was able to push it away. I am also back into my workout routine after a few weeks away from it, I had a hard time getting back into it but 10 or 15 mins a day as helped me not be so over-whelmed. I also feel as though my Body, Mind, and Spirit are aligned much better now—this is one place you can turn to and feel welcomed and loved.

Julie Monk

The 21-day cleanse is the second best thing I’ve done for myself this year (the first was joining The Sage Method!). I have just felt happier and lighter. I’ve been telling everyone about it like I want them all to jump on board so they can feel as good as I do! Thank you so much Beau, much gratitude to you for everything you do for everyone, here on earth and on the other side. You’re truly amazing.

Sheila Bradshaw

Doing the 21-day spiritual cleanse has helped me to get rid of things that were acting to put blocks in my spiritual life, and to bring in positive actions to be balanced. Just making 1 small change a day can have lasting benefits.

Elizabeth Baxter

Thank you, Beau! This commitment has you slowing down daily and taking time to say affirmations and to really focus on taking care of yourself. We are so busy and I am guilty of being distracted and forgetting to take that time This commitment to myself helped me focus. I appreciate that. All parts are important and need to be honored, Thanks again!

You deserve to have life unfolding for you with ease.


You thrive when you put your spiritual path in front of you.


So let’s jump in to one of the easiest ways to jump start your spiritual magic!


I’m offering you instant access to the 21 Day Spiritual Cleanse right now for just a dollar a day.


Or get the 21 Day Spiritual Cleanse as a FREE benefit of the SAGE Circle membership. Click here to find out more about the SAGE Circle.

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Can I do the cleanse more than once? Yes, and at no extra cost! Once you join the 21 Day Spiritual Cleanse you will have access to the workbook and instructional videos forever. As long as The SAGE Method is in operation, you will be able to do the 21 Day Spiritual Cleanse at any time.

How much time is involved each day because I don’t have a lot of time? You will be spending no more than 15 minutes on this spiritual cleanse daily. That is just enough time to dedicate to yourself to integrate your practices. As a result of those 15 minutes per day you will be rewarding yourself with more energy and more drive in your life. That’s worth 15 minutes a day, right?!