Empathic Empowerment ~ 5 Days to Shift Your Empathic Abilities From Struggle to Strength

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As an empath, you come into the world with heightened senses. You can easily and unwittingly take on the underlying emotions of other people around you. This process is draining and may cause struggles in your life. It creates limitations for you as an empath and weighs heavily on you. But underneath these struggles lies one of the most powerful and beautiful abilities, your empathic intuition. Join Beau as she provides the formula and tools to fine tune your empathic energy, stop the burden of collecting emotions, and begin to use your empathic intuitive abilities to expand your own path and the spiritual path of others.

** This is a must have course if you are an Empath! **

This course includes a 5 Day Empath Empowerment Plan

Following this super simple 5 Day Empath Empowerment Plan will set you up to use your empathic abilities (with ease!) for the higher good of all. Combined with a meditation done in class, you will energetically align your empathic flow of intuition to support yourself. This process will allow you to use your empathic abilities to lift others up while staying recharged yourself.

The Quartering Exercise

In this course you will learn a technique called the Quartering Exercise. This exercise will be one of your favorite items in your spiritual tool belt. It's quick, massively effective, and it is life changing for empaths! The Quartering Exercise allows you to continue to love and support those in your life as they need it without taking away from you energetically. Every empath should have this exercise in their back pocket!

Topics Covered in This Course:

  • What it means to be an empath
  • What is the difference between an introvert, a highly sensitive person, and an empath
  • Understanding the "cloud of information" and how it overwhelms an empath
  • Crowds, co-dependency, setting boundaries, and cutting losses
  • Why it can be difficult for empaths to access their intuition and what to do about it
  • How empaths are "Watchers"
  • The mechanism that allows empaths to see and feel signs easier
  • Harnessing your true empathic abilities and using them without draining your energy
  • Creating a "Quartering Exercise" to manage and strengthen your empathic intuitive abilities
  • Using your new flow of intuition and energy for others, yourself and the Earth
  • How to help even more people while managing your own energy at its best state


This course is for ALL levels of intuitives, beginner to professional

The material covered in this course speaks to you, the individual. It is not based on any one religion or path. The teachings are focused on compassion and connection, not performance and skill. Everyone can benefit from this course because it comes from a space of love and connectedness.

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When You Complete This Course

You will:

  • Understand the process of empathic energy flow, why other people drain you, and how you can stop the exhaustion 
  • Have the tools to maintain your own energy while still helping others
  • Give yourself the freedom to be able to live more fully with your empathic intuitive abilities

What Students are Saying

Linda Dewey


"I love Beau’s delivery/teaching, which makes her so easy to relate to, first off. Then the path of giving the information and examples makes the subject easier to comprehend and put into practice. Thank you for addressing a subject I have dealt with my whole life, and guiding me to be able to help others and myself more effectively. Blessings to you Beau. Thank you for your contributions and love for all of us."



"The Empathic Empowerment course, was fun, educational, made me feel great and so useful. I have done the 5 days and now feel like I can do my "job" without being stuck in others energy clouds. So Helpful, thanks Beau for the great course."

Deanne McCoy


"Every video in this course had ah-ha moments for me! I feel understood, validated, supported, and so much better equipped to manage my energy in any situation throughout my day. I can't believe the value I just got from this purchase!! For the cost of a cute shirt, my life has been totally upgraded. Thank you so much!!"

 Tara Purdue


"A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!! I've been looking for all of these answers for my whole life! It was like this course was written specifically for me."

 Sue Byrne


"WOW!  Another great class. Can I use the word EPIC??!"


How long will I have access to the course? How does forever sound? Once you purchase the course you will have access to the course as long as The SAGE Method is in operation.

When does the course start and finish? The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.