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Neva Rowden


"After watching Beau read cards for us I was amazed how she did it, as I KNEW I could most likely do that too. Once I took this course it all came together for me. I did a reading for a friend in Beau's style and it completely worked!  I couldn't believe how wondrous that was! Being able to go deeper into the card and 'listen' makes a huge difference. I can't thank you enough!  Now when I read my cards the image needed for the message just JUMPS right out at me. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful lessons with us."

If you are wondering if you would be a good card reader or if you’ve been reading cards for a while now but wish you could get more information, this course is a perfect fit for you!

Sometimes it’s the small tips that improve our reading techniques. Taking a moment to look at your intuitive process through a new viewpoint opens up the floodgates of messages.

When we add tools, shift focus and challenge our card reading skills we deepen the process into something truly reliable. This is what you will experience as a result of taking this fun course.

Topics Covered in This Course:

  • The 101 basics of card readings
  • Intuitive blocks that card readers don’t even know they have
  • Setting up your spiritual guide connections during card readings
  • Multiple tools to enhance the information flow
  • Using the three bodies together to access messages from the cards
  • Small shifts in your positioning that will open up more information coming through
  • How to read any deck, including a standard playing deck of 52 cards

** Please note we will not be covering instruction on Tarot in this particular course. This course is designed to inspire your intuition so you can collect more intuitive information from the cards **

This course is for ALL levels of intuitives, beginner to professional

The material covered in this course speaks to you, the individual. It is not based on any one religion or path. The teachings are focused on compassion and connection, not performance and skill. Everyone can benefit from this course because it comes from a space of love and connectedness.

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When You Complete This Course

You will:

  • Understand and be able to overcome the blocks you had in the past when it comes to reading cards 
  • Have new tools and a new way to connect to the intuitive information coming from the cards
  • Be able to read a card at a deeper level for the benefit of the sitter

What Students are Saying

Teri May


"Beau's approach is a natural, down-to-earth approach that allowed me to relax into my intuition and have fun instead of worrying about technicalities and following guidelines. For the first time, I feel so much more confident with my cards as well as my readings and now "go with the flow" to where the answers I am looking for are! GREAT CLASS!!"

Dorothy Barrie


"I've completed the card reading course recently and now Dream Dancing. I'm also just about to start week Five of the Sage Method course. All of them have been brilliant, full of aha moments and most of all Beau's teaching method, which is some of the best teaching I've experienced and full of great "down to earth" examples.
Thank you sincerely."

 Melanie Stevens


"Loved it! Thanks so much Beau, you are so insightful, so wise and I have had too many ‘a-ha’ moments to be able to list them here!"

 Cheryl Donovan


"Loved the practice sessions and thought it was great how you taught that I could get so many different insights just from one card by using intuition and staying open."


How long will I have access to the course? How does forever sound? Once you purchase the course you will have access to the course as long as The SAGE Method is in operation.

When does the course start and finish? The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.