SAGE Workshops Live!

Join Isabeau Maxwell for a day of alignment and awakened intuition!


A full day with Isabeau will submerse you in a higher vibration and amplify your intuition. You will experience a space of magnified possibilities and intuitive alignment.

Come to raise your vibration, to play with expanded intuition, and to reconnect with your authentic self.

Check the Schedule below for an upcoming in-person event near you!

One day workshops include:

  • Group GCP Connective Session ~ Beau starts each workshop off with a GCP Meditation to directly connect you with your higher self, spirit guides, and loved ones on the Otherside.
  • A Channeled Q&A Session with Beau ~ Bring your questions for Beau and Peter (Beau's Main Guide). All questions are welcome.
  • Specialized Intuitive Training Class With Beau ~ During her in-person workshops, Beau is able to teach more unique intuitive techniques tailored to the workshop participants.
  • Special Alignment Meditation With Beau and Peter ~ This meditation session will raise your vibration to assist you in achieving a higher connection and advance faster on your spiritual path.
  • Connect With Other SAGE Students and Circle Members ~ Time is allotted so participants are able to gather together for lunch and/or after the workshop. This is connective, uplifting, and straight up fun!

Workshops will be led by Isabeau Maxwell, the founder of The SAGE Method and popular online spiritual community, The SAGE Circle

Upcoming Workshops

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Workshop Cancellation Policy

NO REFUNDS will be given for workshop events unless the event is postponed or cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control. We recommend looking into travel insurance for your traveling needs. Registrations are non-transferable. Please do NOT sell your registration or ticket to anyone including family, friends, or anyone online. Registration must be in the name of the qualified registrant upon arrival at the event, or the ticket will not be valid.

COVID-19 Policy

Your safety and the safety of those attending the retreat is of the utmost importance to us.  Beau, The SAGE Team, and SAGE Practitioners are vaccinated for COVID-19. You are welcome to wear a mask to your own discretion. Mask requirements for activities indoors are upheld to the facility's policy.

The SAGE Community is a safe space where people can learn, grow, be themselves, and be loved unconditionally on their spiritual path. Check out what participants have to say about SAGE Events.

"I am still floating way above the ground, totally in love with everyone and thing, and don't want it to end! Tell me I can keep this for my own! It's so exciting. The retreat was perfect, you were perfect." ~ Kari Bandle

"Cheaper than therapy, I came to Beau's retreat 'knowing' I was going to leave with some pretty big life inventory type questions and answers. Check! That happened. Big movement for the better in my life, about myself, moving forward." ~ Laura Schreiner

"Beau, Your ability to tap into empathy towards others breeds personal growth and compassion. I am no guru, but I have been around and amongst “spiritual” people my whole life and rarely have I met anyone with the authenticity you bring over screen and in person. You push people beyond their own self made limits and encourage self discovery and expansion in an infectious and uplifting way." ~ Beth Brighton

"To say this was an experience of a lifetime would be an understatement. You know when you have a role model, mentor, and/or teacher that you immensely look up to and fear that when you meet them in-person it may not be as magical? Well, that was NOT the case with this. From the moment Beau saw me, to our first hug and conversation, to every conversation and interaction in-between, I felt so much unconditional love! Everyone that attended the retreat were beautiful souls, each providing a lesson and connection. There were moments of tears, questions that were answered, and so much to process and put to practice. Even a week later, I am left contemplating all the I learned, saw, and felt. I wanted the experience to never end and I miss everyone beyond words. The community that this retreat created is something I will cherish always and will be forever grateful for! I am so happy that I invested in myself and received more than I could have possibly dreamed of!" ~ Nicole Lester

“I feel a sense of community, well-being, a “safe space” to just “be” or share and not feel judged. A place where I can be my authentic self and feel supported, encouraged and empowered. I happened upon the SAGE Method by accident actually a couple years back and ever since then, it’s changed my life. Furthermore, every continuing course and class furthers my growth and my path just a little bit more and I know that I will forever be thankful for Beau’s willingness and eagerness to share all of her knowledge with others and to take the time that she does to explain things to make it easier to comprehend. Aside from a one week manifestation course and dabbling in meditation here and there, all of this stuff was new to me but I was drawn to Beau and the SAGE Method in a way I couldn’t explain (sure can NOW!), so I knew that there was a much bigger purpose for me meeting Beau in this way. Her online teaching style/method is different from what I’ve experienced with other online instructors (this topic or any other topic really), in that I don’t feel like “just someone in the crowd.” Alternatively, I feel heard and I feel like she truly cares about the success of each and every one of us.” ~ Katie Dunn

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