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Train Your Brain to Distinguish Between
Imagination and Intuition

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A hybrid of guided and passive meditation, Discovery Meditation is a practice specifically designed to help you differentiate between imagination and intuition.

Discovery Meditation assists you in recognizing the conscious and subconscious minds when they speak. The experiences of imagination and intuition feel very similar. Because of this, many people struggle with trusting the intuitive information they receive. They are not sure whether they have created the information or they have received it intuitively.


In Discovery Meditation, a person begins each meditation purposefully using their imagination. During the meditation there is a jumping off point where imagination (conscious mind) takes a back seat to intuition (subconscious mind). With repetition, this jumping off point becomes significant and the feeling between these two states becomes more easily identifiable.

In time, more clear and accurate intuitive messages will come through and the struggle of imagination getting in the way of intuition will become less and less.

Discovery Meditation provides a fantastic structure to meet and converse with your spiritual guides. It is an opportunity to become familiar with your higher self and universal source, and tap into the knowledge deep within you. This assists you in becoming more self sufficient and less dependent on outside resources as you gain more confidence in your own intuition.

Discovery Meditation is included as a free benefit of the SAGE Circle membership [Click here to learn more] or is available on its own for a one-time cost of $29 USD.

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The Guided Meditations

  • White Room Meditation – A super simple yet super powerful meditation to get out of your head and let intuitive information speak loudly and clearly.
  • Beach Run Meditation – If you love the beach, you will love this one! Sand in your toes, this meditation challenges you to feel movement while receiving information.
  • Car Ride Meditation – Take a ride with your guide! This meditation introduces you to setting up structures and working with your guide.
  • Two Door Meditation – A crowd favorite, the Two Door Meditation gives you answers to your pressing life questions. Should I sell the house? Or no? This is the meditation to find out.
  • Library Meditation – A boat ride, a question, a guide and a library. This meditation goes in depth in setting up a delivery method for intuitive answers.
  • One Word Meditation – The complete opposite of the Library Meditation, this meditation gets to the core of simplicity and quick answers.
  • Healing Pool Meditation – This meditation creates a sacred location for you to return to again and again for your own private healing sessions.

Train Your Senses

Discovery Meditation purposely uses all six of your senses during the guided meditations in a magical way. By doing this, you are training your five senses to assist your sixth sense, not hinder it. This is one of the many beautiful aspects of these meditations.

Find Your Favorites

After going through all of the meditations there will be a few that will be your absolute favorites! These are the meditations you will return to again and again to get intuitive answers for yourself and to understand your spirituality on a deeper level.

For Everyone

You don’t have to be skilled at meditation or have deep access to your intuition to benefit from Discovery Meditation. No matter what level of intuitive awareness you are at, this program walks you through the process with ease. No other tools required. Just you, the audio and your natural intuition.

One-time Investment = Only $29

Remember, Discovery Meditation is included as a free benefit of the SAGE Circle membership [Click here to learn more] or is available on its own here for a one-time cost of $29 USD.

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Can I do the meditations more than once? Yes… and at no extra cost! Once you access Discovery Meditation you will have the instructional videos and meditations as long as The SAGE Method is in operation.

How much time is involved each meditation? The instruction video for each meditation is approximately 3 minutes in length. The meditations themselves are between 10-15 minutes long in audio format.