The Crossing Over Community is an amazing group unlike anything we've seen before. It is a safe place for all to discuss and explore spiritual activity, spiritual clearings, connecting with our loved ones on the otherside, and crossing over work. In this incredible community you will find unconditional love, support, and education.

 Membership includes:

* A private (monitored and safe) Facebook Group to discuss spiritual activity and experiences

* Video sessions with Beau and the Crossing Over team discussing their spiritual clearing assignments and experiences

* Bonus video material from Beau (not available to the public) discussing interdimensional beings, exorcisms, and more

* 50% off the very popular Crossing Over Course (a $30 savings)

* Membership is only $5/month

* No commitments, cancel at any time

*This is a non-religious community that welcomes all

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Join the Conversation in a Private Facebook Group

A place where you can discuss spiritual encounters, crossing over work, and your journey in safe and loving environment. We here at the SAGE Method have a solid reputation for doing an outstanding job monitoring our Facebook Groups to allow for everyone to participate without judgement or fear. Our Facebook Groups are held to the highest spiritual vibration.

Exclusive Content and Bonus Episodes

Beau shares personal spiritual clearing experiences with members that are special, unique and not available to the public. These videos cover interdimensional beings, exorcisms, and other out of the box experiences. Available to Crossing Over Community members only.

Beau Maxwell and The Otherside Chats 

Otherside Chats is a podcast from professional medium, intuitive teacher, and founder of The SAGE Method, Isabeau Maxwell, aka Beau. Beau has spent years doing clearings for spirits who were stuck in their transition, a specialty that she holds close to her heart. In 5-15 minute segments, Otherside Chats shares, in detail, her experiences with these clearings. Through Otherside Chats, Beau is ready to share her mission: To humanize people in spirit form and remind listeners that ghosts are people too. As a member of the Crossing Over Community you get private access to all the Otherside Chats along with bonus teachings, stories, and experiences from Beau.

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Lorraine Bidois

"I'd very much like to explore and pursue opportunities to help souls in the in-between. What a great privilege that would be."


"Thank you for all the information reliable and authentic because they are your experiences and stories. I appreciate your honesty, clarity and your wish to help. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I now have a better understanding of post death phenomena."

Fiona Plascott

"I loved Beau as soon as I saw her in the videos! So warm funny and engaging. The videos were a pleasure to watch and I learned heaps."